Zombie Paintball FAQ’s


How does zombie paintball work? After getting your ticket, zombie fighters will be briefed with some safety rules. After the briefing you board the zombie bus and take your seat at a paintball marker.  Paintball markers are mounted on the bus window and riders sit on a bench facing outward.  Our bus assistants will assist you in an orderly boarding and will ask you to not touch the paintball markers until instructed to do so.  Once everyone is safely boarded we drive out to a field the zombies are invading.  Once there zombie fighters will take some practice shots to make sure your paintball markers are working correctly.  Then we drive right through the heart of the zombie zone and do our best to defend our city.

Will I get hit by paintballs?
  Not at all.  This is one paintball attraction where you do all the shooting without risk of being shot at.

What if I run out of paintballs?  
Everyone starts with 100 paintballs.  At the halfway point everyone gets a free refill of paintballs.

Can my baby or child ride on my lap?  For safety reasons we don’t allow lap riders on the bus and every person on the bus needs to have a paid ticket.

Is Zombie Paintball wheelchair accessible?  Yes! Two of our buses are wheelchair accessible.   Please notify our staff when you buy your ticket if you need wheelchair access.

Are food or drink allowed on the bus?  
No, please eat or drink it before boarding the bus.

Can I bring my pet? No

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