Spring Chicks!

We got 40 new chicks! They are now about 1 month old, and are growing fast! One of our sons was already running an egg business, and he got 10 new chicks. Then our twins decided they wanted to join his business, so they each bought 10 (with their birthday money). I got 10 to add to the family flock. Here are some pictures of them when some were only 3 days old, some were 1 1/2 weeks old.

These are the 3 day old ones. There are Buff Orpingtons, Barred Rocks, and White Leghorns.

So tiny…..
so fluffy….

and so cute! 
Look at those feet

These are the ones that were 1 1/2 weeks old, so only a week older than the others. Look how much bigger they are! They really grow fast, and a week makes a huge difference.

The boys are excited about raising these chicks, and about selling eggs. The chicks will start laying at the end of summer, so if you are interested in buying fresh eggs in the future leave a comment and we will contact you when they are available!