Sold out and closed for the season…

We had a tremendous turnout during October, and are so amazed by the support of our community! Thank you to all who came and enjoyed. We will definitely do this again next year, and yes, we will plant more pumpkins! We weren’t sure what to expect, but we sold out of good pumpkins a week before we closed! So thanks to the Lattin Farm in Fallon, we were able to order some pumpkins from them to have enough for our last week. We again sold out of those by the end of Nevada Day, one of our busiest days! Here is the field pretty picked over.
And a special thanks to friends who helped work many hours to make it GREAT!


Kalynn and Janelle

…and a few not pictured, Kelli and Summer – you guys are awesome! Of course my husband who did a ton of work behind the scenes, and our kids who were very hard working, helpful, and patient with our busy schedule!
So see you next year, and stay tuned for occasional farm updates!