Punkin Chunkin!

November 3, 2018 Punkin Chunkin at Andelin Family Farm.  
Andelin Family Farm hosts the Annual School District STEM Showcase Punkin Chunkin event powered by the Reed High School Enterprise Project.

9am to 11am: Launching Machine Showcase (come see the catapults and trebuchets and talk with the students that built them)
11am to 3pm: The Main Event Competition of Launching Pumpkins.  Starting with Elementary Schools and ending with the High Schools
3pm: Awards Ceremony

Punkin Chunkin is the sport of launching pumpkins for distance using catapults and trebuchets.  Students of all ages will be participating in the is exciting competition.
Check out last year’s Punkin Chunkin pictures and video here.

There will be craft and food vendors on site.   Andelin Family Farm corn maze will be open for visitors.

trebuchet-2015-a trebuchet-2015 catapult-2015