Pretty Little Horses

After boarding horses for a while now, but not having any of our own, we finally were able to get two horses!

                                                                     Meet Phillip-

and Tinkerbell
Phillip is a 10 year old male miniature horse. He is a little shy, but sweet.
Tinkerbell is a 3 year old female Shetland. She is curious and friendly, but can be picky about who can handle her and how. She is still a little skittish too.
We have had them for about a month, and they are doing well and getting used to it here. They did really well during a few field trips we recently had and were letting kids pet and feed them. We don’t ride them yet, but hope to be able to in the future.  
Best buddies

Although Phillip is older than Tinkerbell, as you will notice in the picture above, he is quite a bit smaller than her!

Pretty Ponies!