Hay Cutting and Veggie Harvest

Things around here are growing- the grass/alfalfa hay, the vegetables in our family garden and the hoop house, and of course, the pumpkins!

                                  the pumpkin vines start reaching out and growing together with the other rows.

                                 a little green pumpkin – we have lots of these all over in the patch!

                                      tomatoes, carrots and onions growing in the hoop house

                                 Cameron cutting the hay- it is definitely tall enough!

                                         This is the 2nd cutting this season.

                                     the cut hay is left for a few days to dry

                                         then is baled to store for later

                                                lots of “sweet heat” and “anaheim” peppers

                                         a head of cabbage from our garden – as big as our son’s head!

                                  …just about the size of  a bowling ball!