Corn Creepers Actor FAQ’s

Corn Creepers Haunted Attraction at Andelin Family Farm is a one of a kind experience for the northern Nevada area.  It’s like a haunted house but in a corn field.  Our haunted corn field is completely separate from the corn maze so it’s a scare playground!  Our haunt is staffed by volunteers.  We have a lot of high school students that volunteer for fun and to log some required volunteer hours.  We also have some adults who just love scaring people.  If you are interested in being a Corn Creepers Actor text the word scare to 313131 to join the actors text group.  Or call Andelin Family Farm at 775-530-8032.

Below are some FAQ’s about the volunteer actor experience.
How old do I have to be to be a actor in corn creepers? Actors must be 14 years old or older.  12-13 year olds can volunteer if they are accompanied by an adult that stays with them the entire time.
What days is Corn Creepers held? Corn Creepers is on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays of each October.  The 2018 season begins Thursday October 4.  The haunt runs from 8pm to 10pm each night.  Towards the end of October we go later on Friday and Saturday nights.   However, we try to end and get you home as quickly as possible.  And we stop selling tickets to avoid going super late.  You should plan on being here until at least 10:30pm, after everyone goes thru the haunt we have a quick after mtg and give out some prizes.
What time should I arrive? We ask that volunteers arrive between 6 – 6:30pm to get in costume, get makeup on, receive actor training, review safety guidelines and get placed in the haunt.
Should I bring my own mask, costume or what if I don’t have one?  We love when our volunteers have a favorite costume that they want to use.  We suggest you check with us first to see if your costume will fit in our theme.  However, a lot of our volunteers like to use our costumes and get make professionally done.  Or wear one of our scary masks.
What if I’m not comfortable being in close proximity to the people I scare? Some people love the adrenaline rush of making someone scream from fright.  However some volunteers may be a little more timid.  That’s ok, we have a spot for you that doesn’t require as much “face time”.  Some positions are running the air canon or being a fake dummy or just shaking the corn.
Is it safe to be a volunteer in the haunt? Yes! We don’t allow drugs, alcohol or smoking.  We even ask people to watch their language.  We want the environment to be safe for everyone.  We also have security staff that are spread out in the haunt.  If they see any disorderly conduct they will stop it and escort the person from the haunt.  We take your safety very seriously.
What’s a monster mom? Glad you asked! We have volunteer positions for mothers (or motherly types).  Their role is to walk the haunt and check on the actors. They bring actors water, compliments and news that everyone is getting really scared and it’s the best night ever for the haunt!
Are actors allowed to touch the customers?  Our haunt is a no touching haunt.  Actors should not touch or chase our customers.  And the customers are instructed not to touch the actors or else they will be kicked out.
What style scaring do you like? We like jump scares, startles and overall creepiness.  We have a little blood and gore but don’t necessarily like to focus on violence and gore.  The environment is very creepy. And we have scary sounds and chainsaws and surprises and of course you!, our awesome actors.
Where do I go when I report for scare duty at the farm? The actor headquarters and staging area is in the Old Barn.  It is located south of the big front parking lot and west of the corn maze.  You will need to park or get dropped off in the front parking lot.  Then you walk a short ways to the old barn.  Once there report to our haunt coordinator and sign in.  The haunt coordinator can answer questions and make sure you have the waiver filled out.  They will also get you in costume and makeup.
Do I need a permission slip from my parents or a waiver?  Yes, all volunteers need to complete the haunt waiver (Corn Creepers volunteer waiver 2019).  If you are under 18 you need your parents to sign it before you can volunteer.
Can I be place by my friend in the haunt?  Maybe, we love for people to team scare.  So if we have a good number of volunteers we can definitely put you together.  However, sometimes we need to spread you out a bit on the path.  But your friend can still be nearby!
Can my parents or friends come see me while I am scaring?  Sorry no, unfortunately it doesn’t work to have people milling around behind the scenes.  It’s primarily for safety purposes.  However, they are welcome to come thru the haunt as a customer to see you!  And the bonus is that you can scare them!
I heard there are prizes?  For sure!! We have some tokens of appreciation for volunteers, and sometimes we have “scare or actor of the night” prizes.
What if I can’t go to every night of the haunt?  That’s totally fine.  We would love to have you for as many or as little nights as you can do it.
If I need volunteer hours signed off, who can sign for them?  The haunt coordinator or Natalie Andelin or Cameron Andelin can sign off your hours.

If you have further questions you can call Cameron Andelin at Andelin Family Farm at 775-530-8032
Corn Creepers volunteer waiver 2019