Native to North America

Male:  Tom

Female:  Hen

Our domestic turkey is a pet of the farm and will not be on our Thanksgiving table!  There are several breeds of turkeys and ours is a Narragansett.  In the wild, Turkeys only live 3-5 years, however in captivity they live up to about 10 years.  Turkeys are a ground dwelling bird, but can fly and in the wild they like to sleep in trees to protect themselves from predators.  They are omnivores and eat bugs, nuts, plants and seeds.  We feed out Turkey grain.  Only male turkeys gobble and we can get our turkey to gobble on command!  Male turkeys like to show off their feathers!  They will use their feathers to attract a female or as a sign of dominance.  Interestingly, turkey poop can identify it’s gender.  Toms have poop shaped like a J and hens have spiral shaped poop.