Katahdin and Suffolk

Native to North America

Male:  Ram

Female:  Ewe

Baby:  Lamb

There are many different breeds of sheep such as Merno, Suffolk, Dorper, Katahdin and Southdown.  On our farm, we have mostly Katahdin and a few Suffolk.  Katahdin sheep grow hair, not wool, and therefore we don’t need to shear them.  Their hair sheds seasonally just like dog hair.  They are a medium size sheet. Rams grow to 180-250 pounds and the Ewe grows to 120-160 pounds.  Sheep are herbivores and eat grass, hay and grain.  A Ewe typically has twins each pregnancy, however we had triplets born on the farm in 2021.  Some sheep grow horns and some don’t.  While docile, sheep aren’t quite as people friendly by nature as goats are.