Native to Asia

Male:  Peacock

Female:  Peahen

Family:  Bevy

Baby under 1 year:  Peachick

Peafowl is the term used collectively for male and females.  The Peacock has beautiful, long feathers that can be shown to attract the female Peahen or scare off predators.  Peahens are a little smaller than the Peacock and lack the showy feathers; their feathers are either white or brown.  Peafowl are ground dwelling birds.  They are capable of flying, but only fly short distances.  Our white Peahen is free roaming and stays around the farm.  Peahens will seasonally lay a clutch of eggs over a one to two week period and sit on them for about a month until they hatch.  Once hatched, the Peachicks will stay with their mothers to learn how to eat and live.  It takes up to 3 years for a Peacock to grow all his beautiful feathers.