About Us

Cameron & Natalie AndelinOur Family
After meeting Cameron at college in Idaho, we were married in 1998 and decided to move back to Cameron’s hometown of Sparks Nevada and finish college at UNR.  Life was happy and busy with newborns, college degrees and work.  In August of 2009 we had the opportunity to move to Cameron family’s farm in Spanish Springs Nevada. (See farm history here) We felt that it would be a great opportunity for our five kids, to be able to experience the work and fun of living on a farm.

After we moved, I started thinking of some ideas and opportunities to build a business on this beautiful property in the middle of the Spanish Springs valley. We are just off Pyramid, and close to schools and stores, but have a unique farm setting that I thought could be a benefit to the community. I had the idea of creating a Pumpkin Patch as a fun attraction for the fall. There are not many pumpkin patches in our area, and since I like to garden and put on big events, I thought it would be the perfect way to create something great for others, while working together as a family. Our kids have all helped with planting, weeding, feeding animals, setting up, painting, etc. to help make it possible. It has been a lot of work growing the pumpkins and preparing all the activities, but it’s been worth it! One of our favorite things is to meet new people that visit our Pumpkin Patch and hear how much they have enjoyed it.Andelin Family

We have been amazed at how the farm has grown and all the support we feel from the community.  In addition to the pumpkin patch our farm now features 2 corn mazes, corn creepers a haunted attraction, a cow train ride, baby animal days, summer farm camp, weddings, birthday parties and online produce sales.  In fact, the farm has grown to the point that Cameron quit his “day job” in the spring of 2015.  It just became too much to do the farming at nights and weekends.  He is loving the full time farm life and added time to spend with the kids.

As we grew we also felt it important to develop a mission & purpose statement to make sure we stay focused on what’s most important.  It has three points to it:
1. Children – Help our children be the best they can be.  We teach our children to work hard, have integrity, have fun, to pray, have faith and do what is right.  Our children are amazing and awesome!  We involve they in all aspects of the farm.  They are the most important thing we are “growing”.

2. Community – Provide wholesome recreational activities for families and individuals to enjoy at the farm.  All of our features of the farm are organized with are visitors in mind.  We want the farm to be a comfortable and enjoyable place that all feel welcome to come to.

3. Our Future Generation – Provide educational and developmental experiences to our communities youth.  This is accomplished through our Summer Farm Camp, School Field Trips and by hiring local teenagers to work at the farm.

We feel blessed to live here and hope that your visit to the farm will be thoroughly enjoyable!

Natalie Andelin
grower/co-founder Andelin Family Farm