Field Trips

Spring Field Trips 2018
We begin booking Spring Field Trips on February 1st.  Spring field trips are held during the month of May.  You must have 20 or more in your group to schedule a spring field trip.  Field trips are fun and educational in nature.  Field trips are guided by our friendly farm staff through different rotations.  (FYI different from our fall field trips, barnyard activities are not setup for spring field trips)  

Spring Field Trip Rotations:
1. Learn about adult and baby animals
2. Take a hay ride
3. Butter making activity
4. Story-time
5. Seed planting activity

The spring field trip is $6.00 per person (child & adult), and lasts about 1 & 1/2  hours.

Since we are a working farm, children will also see the farm in our pre and mid planting phase, much different than in the fall when crops are mature and being harvested.

You must schedule groups at least 3 weeks ahead of the arrival date and time slots are limited.  During the spring 2017 field trip season all days were booked by April.  Please email us at to schedule your field trip.

Forms of payments accepted: Credit Cards, Cash, Local Checks
We have a no pet policy, marked service dogs are permitted.



In 2018 we have a plant life cycle field trip and an animal field trip.

Plant Life Cycle Field Trip Rotations:

1. Picking a pumpkin
2. Path through the corn where there are educational poster boards teaching how a plant grows, how a plant makes food and where food comes from.
3. Hay Ride
4. Free time in the hands on activities area including meeting farm animals
5. Story time

Animal Field Trip Rotations:
1. Picking a pumpkin
2. Educational animal tour
3. Hay Ride
4. Free time in the barn yard activities area
5. Story time

Washoe County School or Private School Field Trip Rate
The field trip rate for a Washoe County School or Private School to the Pumpkin Patch is $6.00 per person (including students & parent chaperones) Teachers and aides are free.
This field trip includes a small pumpkin, animal tour, barnyard activities, story-time, and hay ride. (a $9.00 value)  These activities are organized into 5 rotations and are supervised by a farm employee.  The field trip is approximately 1 1/2 hours.
We are able to accommodate up to 125 students plus about 50 adults at a time for the school field trips.
We have a large grass area and a covered pavilion that is available for use to eat lunch at no charge for school groups by arranging ahead of time with Farm field trip scheduler.  We also rent this area for private parties.

Preschool/Day Care/Homeschool Group Rate
The group rate for a preschool or day care is $7.00 per person (child or parent). These groups must be scheduled at least one week in advance to receive this group rate.
Only one day care/preschool teacher is free (the organizer).
This rate includes a small pumpkin, hayride, and barnyard activities. (an $8.00 value)
The preschool/daycare groups will start with a hayride, then an organized animal tour if they wish. After that it is self guided, and a ticket will be given per person to redeem for a pumpkin when the organizer is ready to do so.

The minimum number of paid children required to get this group rate is 10. (Children under 2 are free)

Note: The plant field trip is not available for preschool/daycare groups at this time.